• I have been seriously painting for about ten years. Although, my experience with drawing and painting began while studying Interior Design at the University of Oregon, long ago. Being able to transfer your design ideas to paper for viewing was a necessity. This exercise frequently required the addition of color, usually with watercolor or pencil. This was prior to the advent of the computer and the multitude of drawing programs. Yet it has always be an advantage to sit across from a client and to sketch up what words cannot describe.


    I have enjoyed experimenting with pastels, acrylic and oil paints, printmaking and collage assemblage, as well as sketching. My art has primarily been of landscapes done En Plein Air, in my studio from photographs, I have taken, or a combination of each. Marin County and the surrounding counties are close to paradise and spectacular to paint. It is so much easier to paint outside with minimal distractions and maximum vistas.


    I love color. After a career as a commercial interior designer I still wish to be involved with color choices and combinations. I do feel that I will struggle my entire life with color values and subtlety. Yet I constantly enjoy the challenge.


    At a figure drawing class, the instructor introduced the idea of representing the human figure with an assemblage of scrape papers. The COVID 19 pandemic brought about a shift in my interest when I remembered the assemblage idea. And I took up the art of collage work. I love seeing how little is required to portray an image of the human figure. I base my designs on simplified forms and shapes, primarily accented with indications of light and shadow. I would like my collage images to invoke a quiet thoughtful mood in the viewer and a desire to fill in the details not shown. The viewer should care that much is portrayed with a little use of natural materials. The central theme being the human form and the clothing and the different postures it can take. Age, sex and race adds interest to the collection.

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